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Paycoiner is a unique solution to accept payments in cryptocurrencies in a safe and easy way.

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What is paycoiner?

Paycoiner is the cryptocurrency payment platform built to simplify payments made with cryptos. With paycoiner, you can do any cryptocurrency payment. Furthermore, we created our solution to make it easy to use and intuitive. Paycoiner’s platform lets you pay for products and services using cryptos as simple as a traditional payment method with fiat currencies. Risk-free, completely secure with provable results - with one partner and one platform.
Low fees

Low fees and simple pricing

Paycoiner does not charge a merchant with any fees or commission. We deduct them directly from the total cost of the product or service.

The fees could be included in the price of the product or service, or you could decide to add them on top. It's your decision depending on the business model.
Wide amount

Great choice of currencies

Paycoiner provides a vast choice of cryptocurrencies to implement, it's up to you to consider which ones you want to accept.
Every paycoiner merchant chooses different cryptocurrencies to accept. If there're any we currently don't have in our portfolio let us know.


Paycoiner provides complete safety of every transaction for the customer as well as for the merchant.
Paycoiner is a product designed by Verified Solutions, which is known for services such as BuyCoinNow, as well as several cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Verified Solutions has experienced specialists that ensure all the products and transactions are safe.

About us

Our company is led by experienced managers pioneering in the blockchain technology.
Adam Bicz
Adam Bicz
CTO & Co-founder
Kajetan Maćkowiak
Kajetan Maćkowiak
CMO & Co-founder

Our services

Paycoiner is a safe and straightforward tool that enables your clients paying with cryptocurrencies for products and services that you offer, as well as donating in virtual currencies. Our product can be customized to your business’ needs. Briefly, paycoiner is a cryptocurrency payment gateway, which can make life easier for any company wanting to introduce cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The range of our services is vast, starting with a broad choice of cryptocurrencies - ending with many different functionalities suited to your business.
low fees


Our service offers the lowest fee possible. You can account them in two different ways
- include them in the product/service price, which would be favorable for your customers, or you can add the fees on top of the product/service you sell, which would be most comfortable option for you.
We charge you the fees per transaction and present you a detailed invoice of all operations at the end of every calendar month.
wide amount

Available cryptocurrencies

We offer a variety of different cryptocurrencies of your choice, depending on your needs.
Would you like to receive payments in Ethereum, Bitcoin or IOTA? No worries, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one solution! Paycoiner offers more than just three cryptos.
Thanks to the option of implementing new ones, paycoiner is a great solution not only for e-commerce but also for exchange platforms and forex brokers. Write to us, we are sure we will be able to find a suitable solution for you.


We know from our experience that not every cryptocurrency transaction is completely safe. With us, you have full control over your funds!
Let’s start with some numbers. We have already conducted over 10,000 transactions, with total sales of more than 15,000,000 Euros. We process every transaction on your accounts. Our servers are secured by professionals with more than 15 years of experience in IT and payments. Also, our payout servers are not available via the internet (only via VPN network).

Available cryptocurrencies


Ethereum (ETH)


BitcoinCash (BCH)


Dash (DASH)


Bitcoin (BTC)


LiteCoin (LTC)


Qtum (QTUM)


Ripple (XRP)


Nano (NANO)


Lisk (LSK)


Bytecoin (BCN)


Verge (XVG)


Futurocoin (FTO)

Infinite Economics

Infinite Economics (XIN)


DeepOnion (ONION)


DraftCoin (DFT)

Experience Points

Experience Points (XP)

X12 Coin

X12 Coin (X12)

Strong Hands

Strong Hands (SHND)

If you don’t see cryptocurrencies that you would like to implement on your platform, let us know! The typical implementation of a new coin takes just a few hours or days. The time depends on the level of its innovation and complexity.

Payments for your exchange.

Paycoiner is available for cryptocurrency exchanges, forex brokers and other interested parties. With our API you save time, funds and other resources. You do not need to understand, how every cryptocurrency works, this part is done by us.


In paycoiner for cryptocurrency exchanges and forex brokers, the charges are a constant cost for sustaining the operations and the implementation of new cryptocurrencies. This makes our API an affordable solution for everyone and helps to overcome the obstacles that come up while executing trades.


We have vast experience in cooperating with exchange platforms and forex brokers. Due to the vast number of cryptocurrencies, as well as our experience, we can implement new ones depending on your needs in a short time.


Paycoiner is a product designed by Verified Solutions, known for BuyCoinNow and other blockchain-based projects. Our experts objective is to ensure the safety of the funds - transactions are conducted on isolated servers, which do not connect to any applications beside your platform.

System architecture

The guarantee of safety.

Paycoiner as SAAS platform is a convenient as well as a safe solution. Every paycoiner customer gets a separate server, and every cryptocurrency gets its own “full node”. Servers with private keys don’t let any incoming requests, and they connect to the internet only when communication with other system modules is needed. All the assets are being automatically sent to cold wallets, and their private keys are not stored digitally, but in, so-called, paper wallets. We take protection seriously - we have advanced tools for protection against DDoS attacks, as well as monitoring systems, that detect anomalies right away.
All the data is encrypted on each cycle, and to prevent missing any bugs we outsource penetrating tests to outside auditors. For the users, we have introduced many layers of authorization (SMS codes, email codes, Google OTP, etc.), and the payouts addresses do not have any direct connection with payment addresses, which guarantee anonymity for our clients. We observe each transaction, and in case if needed, we renew it with a higher fee.
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