Privacy policy

I. General provisions

The following provisions constitute the privacy policy (henceforth: "Privacy Policy") which defines the principles concerning data collection, including personal data of the users of the service(s) provided by Verified Solutions Ltd with its registered office at 40 Bloomsbury Way, Lower Ground Floor, London, United Kingdom, WC1A 2SE, with the company number 10782311, and the manner of processing the data.

II. Personal data

"Paycoiner" makes every effort for every user to easily view its website and place orders. That is why, for safety reasons and shopping convenience, we inform that while browsing our website, You agree to using cookies and other voluntarily provided personal data by the Company. The data which You will be requested to provide in order forms is necessary for the operation of the platform and provision of the services. Providing data is voluntary. If You do not provide the required data, the action which needs these data will be stopped.

III. Types and purpose of using data

Non-confidencial personal data
Personal data left in comments, opinions, etc. given on the websites belonging to "paycoiner" are available to every visitor of the websites which contain such data. "Paycoiner" is not able to protect You from third persons or companies which will use such data to send You some unspecified information. Therefore, such data is not subject to the Privacy Policy.

"Paycoiner" automatically collects data contained in cookies while You browse the website of the online store. Cookies are small text files which are sent to the Internet user\u2019s computer and identify the user in the manner necessary for performing a given operation, e.g. in the form of authorization, collecting statistical data or recording data in contact or order forms.

Cookies are harmless neither to the computer nor to the User and their data. The functionality of cookies is conditional on accepting them by the browser and not deleting them from the disk. Software used for browsing websites (browsers) most often allows for storing cookies in the User's device. However, the settings of the browser can be changed in such a way as to disable the automatic support of cookies by the browser or to inform the User each time cookies are to be saved onto the User's device. Detailed information on enabling and disabling cookie support can be found in the settings of the website. Note that the service or its individual functions may work incorrectly without cookies.

Subscription for free newsletters
In order to subscribe for free newsletters in an electronic form from "paycoiner", the User is required to provide their e-mail address and other data, e.g. name, in a relevant form. Such obtained data is added to the mailing lists of the platforms.

"Paycoiner" reserves the right to send messages to the persons whose contact data it has obtained and who have agreed for the contact data provided in the forms to be processed, in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The term messages refers to the information directly concerning the platforms, services, products (e.g. changes, internal promotions), non-commercial lists (e.g. wishes, personal comments) and commercial information (mailings, promotions, advertisements and other promotional material) of "paycoiner". The entities ordering commercial e-mails to be sent have no access to the contact data of the persons found on the address lists of "paycoiner".

Other forms
Forms, pop-up windows and other content hosted on the platforms belonging to "paycoiner" which concern services, products and platforms not supported by "paycoiner" are not subject to the Privacy Policy.

IV. Users’ rights with regard to personal data

"Paycoiner" ensures that the users may exercise their rights arising out of the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (consolidated text Dz.U. of 2002, no. 101, item 926 as amended), including the right to request the supplementation, update, correction, temporary or permanent suspension, or removal of the personal data if the data is incomplete, out-of-date, false, has been collected in breach of law or is redundant for fulfilling the purpose for which it has been collected. The user has the right to request the removal of their personal data at any time by sending an e-mail at "Paycoiner" applies technical and organizational measures, the purpose of which is to ensure the most effective protection of the collected personal data against unauthorized access or improper use by unauthorized persons.

V. Changes to the Privacy Policy

„Paycoiner” reserves the right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy. The current Privacy Policy applies to every user of the platform belonging to „payCoiner”. „Paycoiner” will inform about changes to the Privacy Policy on its websites.

VI. Additional information

If You have any questions or queries regarding the Privacy Policy, contact „paycoiner” at the e-mail address given on its websites

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

1. Paycoiner processes and secures the personal data on the Platform in accordance with the requirements specified in the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Dz.U. of 2016, item 1030; amended: Dz.U. of 2016, item 1579), in the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Dz.U. of 2016, item 922), and in the Ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 on the Documentation Pertaining to Personal Data Processing and Technical and Organizational Conditions which Should be Fulfilled by the Devices and Computer Systems Used for Personal Data Processing (Dz.U. no. 100, item 1024). In particular, paycoiner secures the personal data on the Platform against access to the data by unauthorized persons as well as against processing the data in breach of law, and exercises day-to-day control over the procedure of data processing, allowing only authorized persons to process personal data.

2. Paycoiner processes the personal data of the Users within the scope necessary to establish connection with, shape the content of and correctly render the Services on the Platform by electronic means, including: the purchase, sale or exchange of currencies by electronic means, and performing by paycoiner the duties of an obliged institution within the meaning of the Act of 16 November 2000 on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Dz.U. of 2010, no. 46, item 276). Paycoiner processes the personal data of the Users for the purposes associated with making payment transactions and documenting their completion, including performing by paycoiner the duties of an obliged institution within the meaning of the Act of 16 November 2000 on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. As required by the duties imposed by the said act, the defined internal policy encompasses such actions as:

a) keeping the register of transactions made via the paycoiner Platform, the value of which exceeds EUR 15.000,00 or its equivalent, also in the event the transaction is carried out in the form of several operations, when the circumstances of such operations indicate that the operations are related to one another and have been divided to operations of less value with the intention to evade registration;

b) applying financial safety measures with regard to the Users of the Platform, including the option to identify the User. The scope of applying such measures is determined on the basis of the assessment of money laundering and terrorist financing risk, made through an analysis, taking into account in particular the kind of the User of the Platform, economic relations, products or transactions;

c) introducing a procedure of suspending a transaction, blocking individual users\u2019 accounts and freezing the funds deposited on the accounts;

d) storing appropriate registers for at least 5 years of the day a particular transaction was registered;

e) performing the duties of suspending a transaction ordered by the State or European Union authorities in conjunction with reasonable suspicions of the illegality of the transaction.

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